Patient zero – a zombie board game for adults,

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Patient Zero – A Zombie Board Game for Adults,

QUICK SETUP, EASY TO LEARN, AND LIFETIME TO MASTER: Just a few minutes to setup and 30 minutes to really start rolling; once over the easy learning curve a fun and challenging strategic game ensues with simple and frenzied 60 to 90 minutes of play per game.
NEVER THE SAME GAME TWICE: Lead the people of one of the four towns in a post-apocalyptic world. Complete secret objectives and compete against other players, for example find the Patient Zero, take him to the Research Center and save the world while making sure your citizens don't get infected and turn Zombie. Or intentionally get some of your people infected and direct a zombie herd to your opponents’ towns to disrupt their plans.
QUALITY GAME PIECES AND FANTASTIC ARTWORK: This is a game of survival. Included are a quality game board, a unique set of WORKER, SOLDIER, TRANSPORT, TANK and PATIENT ZERO units with varying capabilities and the incredible artwork makes this one of the most exciting strategy board games available.
FAST PACED AND INTERACTIVE FAMILY FUN: Zombies have never been this much fun. A competitive board game that works with up to 4 players however it is just as fun and challenging with 2; fun family and friends board game; great date night or serious tournament quality strategy game play.

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