British woman found dead in Swiss hotel room died during a 'sex game gone wrong'

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British woman found dead in Swiss hotel room died during a 'sex game gone wrong'

A British woman found dead in a Swiss hotel room 'after a sex game went wrong' was discovered covered in cuts before her 'agitated' boyfriend was arrested, it has emerged.

Anna Florence Reed, 22, was discovered at around 7am on Tuesday on a bathroom floor after shouting was heard coming from her room, according to Swiss media.

Her German boyfriend, 29, has been arrested and is facing a charge of pre-intentional homicide, a lesser charge than murder.

Father Clive Reed, from Harrogate, North Yorkshire, was said to be 'utterly devastated' at the news which comes five years after his wife passed away.

It is understood that he has flown out to Switzerland to visit the Ramada La Palma au Lac in Locarno, in Switzerland, where his daughter died.

An employee of Mr Reed, at Copgrove Hall Stud in Occaney where he is a trustee, told MailOnline: 'This is horrendous for the family.

'Clive is utterly devastated and no one can believe what has happened. We’re aware of the tragedy and it is terrible, just absolutely shocking.'

The worker told how Clive's wife Mary had died five years ago, adding: 'It’s not for me to say how she passed away but this is the second awful tragedy to hit the family.

'I didn’t know Anna but everyone said she was a very bright and beautiful young woman.'

A former neighbour of Mr Reed said: 'This is dreadful news. Clive doesn’t deserve all this heartache.

'He’s a decent, hard working, very private person and keeps himself to himself. I can’t imagine what’s he and his family are going through right now.'

Staff at the hotel where Miss Reed was staying were alerted after guests reportedly heard shouting and screaming, the Swiss French-language newspaper Le Matin reports.

Paramedics were called but she could not be revived and was declared dead at the scene.

Her boyfriend was said to have been arrested and told police the holidaymaker died during a sex game, Corriere del Ticino reports.

Today new details emerged about the hours before his arrest.

It was about 6.30am on Tuesday and Anna's boyfriend left their room and took the lift down to the lobby.

He appeared 'agitated' and told the receptionist that his girlfriend 'had a problem with her health'.

A source said: 'They had checked in as a couple on the weekend. They were shown to Room 501. All seemed fine.

'But then early on Tuesday morning he appeared in the reception. He was agitated and said his girlfriend had a problem with her health, that she was ill.

'The receptionist could tell by his tone that it was serious so called an ambulance immediately.

'A few minutes later the ambulance was at the hotel. The medics went straight up to the room. She was on the floor of the bathroom.

'They tried to resuscitate her but there was no response. She was already dead. It was the ambulance crew who then alerted the police. The cause of death was not clear.

'The boyfriend was spoken to at the hotel by police and then he went to a police station. He was interrogated and he cooperated. He was then arrested at the end of the afternoon.'

A post-mortem examination was said to have confirmed she died from suffocation or asphyxiation and had small fractures and cuts on her body, local media reports.

Swiss police said in a statement: 'A 29-year-old German man has been arrested and a file has been sent to the local prosecutor with an allegation of pre-intentional homicide.'

A spokesman for the Foreign Office told MailOnline that British and Swiss police were in contact with their staff.

He said: 'Our consular staff are assisting the family of a British woman following her death in Switzerland and are in contact with the Swiss and UK police.'

The couple had been staying at the four-star 68-room hotel Ramada La Palma au Lac and had arrived the night before Miss Reed's body was found.

They had paid a premium to secure Room 501 on the top floor and had been due to stay 'several days'.

Local media reported that raised voices were heard coming from their room and the night porter was called to intervene the night before she was found.

The boyfriend is being held in prison in Farera.

Anna's family is believed to be arriving in Switzerland today.

A source said: 'They are being helped by the authorities and are expected to be coming out here.'

Lake Maggiore is a popular location for tourists with cruises and boat trips of the picturesque mountains and water.

The 100-year-old Ramada La Palma au Lac hotel is also home to the Locarno International Film Festival, which is held every August.



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