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Today i will show you episode 10 gameplay of Asura's Wrath. This episode has this controversial sexy geisha hot tub scene. All heroes need to relax sometimes and Asura definitively knows how to have a good time!
Bahut hi ganda scene hai yaar... but fir bhi main aap logo ke liye upload kar raha hoon.
Enjoy & Comment below what you think of this scene.


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About the game ►
Asura's Wrath is an action video game collaboration between CyberConnect2 and Capcom. Players take control of Asura, with each chapter in the game playing out like an episode of an anime series. The game incorporates various gameplay elements, which require the player to build up a meter at the top of the screen which will allow them to activate a 'Burst' which allows them to progress through the story. Whilst the game mainly features cinematic sequences which feature quick time events, there are various different types of gameplay available. Examples include players fighting one on one against opponents, or dodging enemy fire in shoot 'em up sections.

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