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Official lyric video for the song "Oceans of Time" taken from our debut self-titled EP released in 2018.

Lyrically "Oceans of Time" was inspired by our need as humans in modern day society to constantly rely on time and schedules for every aspect of our everyday lives which can be very stressful and can lead us to gradually ignore more important things like our true happiness and our relationships with others. This theme also inspired this lyric video.

Video created by:
Haris Kountouris from HK Visual Creations

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--- Lyrics ---

Give me just a minute
to find the peace to fall asleep
Give me all the secrets
for everything just to succeed
Give me back my torch now
to light up all the dreams of mine
No one controls me never decides for me again.

Give me just a minute
to define my future
Give me all the secrets
to feel the sense of safeness
Give me back my torch now
I want my eyes wide open
No one controls me never decides for me again.

Oceans of time, never could have found
The peace inside my mind
Or space to rest in time.

Clockwise entertainment
Keeping you from falling asleep
Mind with no arrangement
Thoughts in flood they drowned in bliss
Fighting with your ego
there’s no peace inside your mind
No one controls me never decides for me again.

Something lost inside me
heal my wounds, don’t blame me
Find the spot replace it
To relax to feel free
Time to make the change in
a chaotic journey
No one controls me never decides for me again.

Oceans of time I’ve crossed so far
To find a little piece of mind
Find a secret place just to hide
Before I kneel down and cry
Oceans of time I’ve crossed so far
And got so far
Find a secret place to hide from
Oceans of time.

Oceans of time could never find
The missing piece inside my mind
Now I’m searching a way to compromise
Instead of fight
Oceans of time.

Written by: Within Progress & Dimitris Timoleon

Recorded at: Fireball Music Studio (Thessaloniki, Greece)

Mixed & mastered by: Joe F.K.

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