Toy Police Cars CRASH!


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Toy Police Cars CRASH!
We get the toy police cars out of the toy box and chase some bad guys around the toy car mat at 100mph.

So in this video we start with 2 cars racing each other around a track and what they dont realize is the toy police cars are waiting for them at the side of the road ready and waiting.

When the cars speed past the police give chase and one of the cars crash into a road sign and destroys it, the police carry on chasing the remaining car but the police car crashes also.

the car crashes into a toy school bus crash it and then carry's on after a hit and run but then crashes into an ice cream van and blows up.

one of bob the builders diggers comes to the rescue and picks up the broken cars and then drives off into the sunset.

One day i would love to collab with mags toys, bippi toys and ryans toysreviews.
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