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You are walking through the park with your adorable pug dog, you wear it with your collar with total normality and yet, and suddenly, your dog begins to slow down and emit a sound that sounds like he is drowning. You clearly get scared ... what happens?

In fact, he is not drowning. It is an action called "reverse sneezing." Although it is annoying, fortunately this is not fatal for the dog but is part of its racial nature. Let's see what to do.

1. The brachycephalics... why do they drown?

The pug are a breed of dogs known as brachycephalic. All pug caregivers notice the constancy and variety of noises that your pet makes. They do not breathe properly and most of them snore when they sleep.

Among the diseases or respiratory conditions is the "drowning", which from this moment, we should not call it this way because your dog is not really drowning. The name given by experts to this condition is "reverse sneeze", which, every pug suffer from time to time.

This problem is expressed almost as an asphyxia and it is normal to see the dog extend its neck and arch its back. If we talk colloquially, with a sneeze the dog would expel the air with an exhalation, but with this reverse sneeze that air is being inhaled.

The pug and other brachycephalic dogs have a shortened nasal passage and an elevated respiratory system that causes difficulty in breathing in general. Similarly, by having this type of anatomy, your pug dog is prone to irritation of the soft palate and throat. This irritation is also one of the causes of this type of "sneezing".

2. Reactivators.

For example, if your dog is diagnosed with allergies, his reverse sneeze will be more frequent. There are irritants (such as dust, pollen, cleaning products and perfumes) that can cause these types of reactions and make them worse. This will vary from dog to dog. The pug have a lot of excitement with the game and the exercise, and this could also produce an episode. Similarly, eating and drinking in a desperate way can provoke it equally.

3. How to help him? If your pug dog has a necklace, donate it. It is better for these breeds to have a harness or bib because it reduces the pressure in the throat area. If the episodes are too frequent or severe, you can relieve the pressure by placing a thumb over the nostrils. At the time of the attack, the best thing you can do is to help him calm down by speaking to him in a calm voice (as if he had an asthma attack) and try to avoid overexcitement.

Unfortunately, there's not much you can do about it when your pug chokes to breathe. This is a condition that comes with the dog from birth and that, while you can help improve it, reduce it and make life easier, you can not eliminate it completely. Fortunately and as we mentioned before, reverse sneezing does not pose a deadly threat to your dog.

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