Why The New Horde & Alliance Capitals Are So Good, Plus Upright Forsaken?! Battle For Azeroth News


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The World of Warcraft Battle For Azeroth alpha doesn't pause for breath! We have new hub cities for the Horde and Alliance; Zuldazar in Zandalar and Boralus in Kul Tiras. Let's explore! There's also more news and customisation for Draenor Mag'har orcs, new allied race possibilities everywhere we look (Tuskar and Valarjar anyone?), potentially crafted Mythic+ keystones, the new PvP toggle and talents, DINOSAURS and is that... an upright, straight backed Forsaken soldier?

Oh and don't forget it's the results of our art competition too!Join us for the Weekly Reset, Taliesin and Evitel's wondrous wisdomshow.

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