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League of Legends

Hey guest, welcome to AgameFun.com Like to see
Consider this your invite to join the greatest crew in the galaxy.

Join the crew of the Morning Star for the Odyssey event in League of Legends, which starts September 12 with patch 8.18 and features Odyssey skins for Kayn, Jinx, Yasuo, Malphite, Sona, and Ziggs. The event will include:

- A Legendary skin for Kayn
- Epic skins for Jinx, Yasuo, Sona, Malphite, and Ziggs
- The return of PvE in Odyssey: Extraction
- Ward skins, emotes, icons, and mission rewards

Learn more about the Odyssey missions, loot, and bundles:


Or read the primer for Odyssey: Extraction, the event’s PvE game mode:

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