Vanilla WoW Secrets Solved, As Well as Other Facts About WoWs Early Design



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-How the Emerald Dream EVOLVED from Vanilla to Legion

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-Things mentioned-
Campfire Ganks
Regular Long Travel Quests
Ironforge Airfield Mystery Solved
Titan Cinematic
South Seas Expansion
Player Housing
3 Cut Races (Naga, Goblin, Demons)
Ogre Playable Race (Ogre)
AV First BG Made
Fishing Hesitations
Deadmines Benchmark
Smaller Dungeons
Karazhan Krypts Mystery Solved
Talent Trees Late Addition
Last 2 Zones Finished
Last Vanilla Zone Worked On (Emerald Dream Mystery Solved)
LOTR Death Effects
Vehicle PvP Combat
Horde Stuff
Earliest WoW Map
Molten Core Was Made in 1 Week
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