Rhok'delar & Lok'delar - Azeroth Arsenal Episode 2



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Episode 2 of the Azeroth Arsenal, where I cover interesting weapons or armor in World of Warcraft. For this one, we go over the old hunter quests tied to the Ancient Petrified Leaf. As a reward you get the bow, Rhokdelar and the staff, Lok'delar.

Original footage by "AndehX": https://agamefun.com/video-hot_fQRRl4...

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'WetGrass Inspired' [Tristram] by AmIEviL: https://agamefun.com/video-hot_fwordp...
'Lioneye's Watch' by Path of Exile: https://agamefun.com/video-hot_fA5-1i...
'The Depetrification of the Submerged Forest' by Zisotto: https://agamefun.com/video-hot_fH3HWI...

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