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Perfect Script Like Dodges, Fast Reflexes, Outplays and Best Pro Mechanics Moments - League of Legends / LoL Montage

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▼Video Sources for this League of Legends Script Like Montage :

1) Rush on Irelia (
2) CoreJJ on Zyra (
3) oOo AlBeR oOo on Orianna (
4) Sveronis on Viktor
5) Fly on Ryze (
6) Danii Motanu on Nidalee (
7) G2 Perkz on Orianna (
8) Einfachlich on Vayne
9) Xiao Fu Xing on Xerath (
10) Deweyz on Lucian (
11) CLG Stixxay on Sivir (
12) CuVee on Rumble (
13) Dragflick on Xerath (
14) DontFeedBard on Nidalee
15) kT Tumbler on Ezreal (
16) FBI Officer on Lucian
17) Łink on Vayne (
18) Piglet on Ahri (
19) chalee on Zilean (
20) SKT Faker on Ryze (
21) Smeb on Gangplank (
22) Kasing on Vayne (
23) VIT Jiizuke on Ryze (
24) SirhcEz on Singed (
25) FullcasePT on Thresh (
26) d3vilman on Xerath (
27) Bjergsen on Ahri (
28) French Deftsu on Vayne (
29) Crétin on Zilean (
30) its Zaraki on Vladimir (
31) KSV Crown on Ryze (
32) LL Stylish on Zed (
33) Forquir on Vayne
34) Demacian Prince on Jarvan (

►Music in this LoL Script Like Montage Provided by Monstercat and NoCopyrightSounds:

1) Title: Atlas by Feint from Monstercat 001 - Launch Week
iTunes Download Link:
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2) Apriskah - Push It [Monstercat Release]
3) Title: Back to Start (feat. Dylan Dunlap) by Stonebank from Back To Start (feat. Dylan Dunlap)
iTunes Download Link:
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Video Link:
4) Track: Unknown Brain - Roots (feat. Attxla) [NCS Release]
Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds
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