Can 8.1 Fix Everything? WoW's Record Numbers, Mounts, Models & the Lich King PTR: BfA News


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World of Warcraft Battle for Azeroth enters the new patch 8.1 PTR and there's lots to see! Ion's livestream gave us the lowdown on dwarf and Blood Elf heritage armor, the new Siege of Zuldazzar faction raid, Kul Tiras human and Zandalari troll allied races, Incursions, killing Jaina and Rastakhan, the Crucible of Storms mini raid and all the juicy Tyrande, Saurfang and Vol'jin story but now we get to see some of it ourselves! New mounts, raid armor sets, darkshore Warfornt transmogs and weapons, the amazing new Night Elf black eye customisation - oh you never knew you could be a night warrior? Tyrande's new model and super-secret massive spoiler broadcast text for Vol'jin, Bwonsamdi and the Lich King. We also talk Method and the Mythic world first race, the Dreadwake mount 6 month sub giveaway and much more in the Weekly reset: Taliesin and Evitel's Wondrous Wisdomshow.

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Method's official world first G'huun video:

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Night Warrior customisation options:

Siege of Zuldazzar raid armor sets:

Vol'jin & the Lich King datamined broadcast text:

New Mounts:

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